International Symposium on “Medical school entrance examinations: challenges and reforms.”


The majority of students who enter medical school will become physicians in the future. Consequently, the impact of medical school entrance examinations (hereinafter entrance exams) on society is considerable. As societal stratification continues to develop into a major problem in Japan, educational disparities are also becoming serious. Presently, entrance exams in Japan are extremely difficult to pass unless a student is ranked among the top at his or her high school and can learn how to prepare for the exam at a preparatory school. In the meantime, the demands and new interventions concerning entrance exams are becoming apparent. For example, so-called “regional quotas” have been introduced as a policy measure to admit many regional applicants from areas with a shortage of physicians to medical schools and colleges. Overseas, efforts are being made to develop entrance examination systems that correct for educational disparities and assessments that emphasize other indicators in addition to academic performance. Few studies have confirmed the validity of the assessment methods and acceptance criteria for entrance exams.


To consider the current state and challenges of entrance exams in Japan from multiple angles with an international perspective, and with the aim of helping to shape the direction of reforms. A wide range of information will be shared and discussed by inviting relevant individuals with expertise on entrance exams from within and outside the country.

Date and time

Sat. 26th October 13:30 – 17:00


Ito Hall, Ito International Research Center, University of Tokyo


faculty of medical schools and colleges, medical school students, physicians, medical workers, private citizens (approximately 200 expected)


Opening Remarks

  • Mr. Shizuo Iwase
    Deputy Director, Medical Education Division, Higher Education Bureau Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan
  • Mr. Katsumi Nakata
    Deputy Director, Medical Professions Division, Health Policy Bureau, Ministry of Health and Labour and Welfare, Japan

Speakers and topics (proposal)

  • “A Global Perspective and an International Agenda for Medical School Admission Testing”
    Clarence D. Kreiter
    Professor, Department of Family Medicine & Office of Consultation and Research in Medical Education, University of Iowa College of Medicine, USA
  • “Present status and issues surrounding medical school entrance examinations in Japan”
    Junji Otaki
    Professor, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan
  • “Unequal societies and medical school enrolment”
    Yuko Takeda
    Research Fellow, Division of General Medicine and Primary Care Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, USA
  • “Overview of selection processes used by St George’s and other UK Medical Schools”
    Peter McCrorie
    Professor, St George’s, University of London
  • “Overview of the selection of medical students in Taiwan”
    Chi-Wan Lai
    Chairman, Taiwan Medical Accreditation Council


English and/or Japanese

participation fees


information exchange (post-session gathering)

Time : 17:30pm~
Fee : ¥5,000